Princes of the Apocalypse

Session ?
The assualt on Riverguard

7th of Tarsakh

Joined up with a boat full of merchants and their guards, made their way to Riverguard. Entered the keep with Artemis, a Veteran.

Entered the keep from the SW corner, fought and defeated 4 bandits, Grimjaw, 5 Reavers, a fathomer, and a thug

Sacked Grimjaw’s room. Left to rest up before continuing the assault.

Session 3

Heroes went into the next room, looting the gold and such around the statue (they later claimed that Larrakh must have fled with it all). Garrek claimed the dagger, but has neither examined it nor used it in combat.

In the room of moving stones, Larrakh used the boulders to great effect as cover, and spammed shield to protect from Garrek’s wand. Sadly, (warlock) used true strike twice and failed to get a shot off both times. Even so, Larrakh went bloodied and ran dry of almost all his spells, and successfully fled through the tunnel to the quarry. The PCs did not recover his trade bars, and so has no inkling of the plight of the Mirabar Delegation.

The party made a brief stop in the other chamber and fought the rats.

Following up on the names given by Braelin, pretty much all of the Believers have been taken into custody. They were able to convince the corrupt elders that Larrakh had been using them all along, and so they sold him out as best they could.

They sold a bunch of stuff. Vallivoe was laid up with a broken leg from trying to use the drained-dry wingwear. Rollo healed it with lay on hands.

Trying to track him down, the party found the recent graves, and paid a visit to Feathergale Spire, where they helped take down a manticore. They also talked with the local aarakocra, and have become quite suspicious of the knights. Even so, they accepted (leader’s) word that Larrakh had gone to Sacred Stone Monastery, and the knights even gave them a ride over.

Garrek stole the ring that (lady knight) rightfully won.


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