Princes of the Apocalypse

Return to Feathergale

The party takes on Thurl Merosska

Following up on a lead given to them by a defected recruit from the air cult, the party set their sights on Feathergale Spire, suspecting that Thurl, the leader of the knights there, had one of the tokens they needed to pass the cults’ elemental gates.

After making a plan with the nearby group of aarakocra, it was decided that they would aid the party indirectly, by sending an air elemental to distract the knights at the spire’s pinnacle, while the party themselves entered from the bottom of the tower. Tiberius was passed off as a captive taken from the earth cult, and Rollo managed to fool the door guard with a heroic tale of his “capture,” giving them access to the tower.

From here, there was little nuance to their scheme; floor by floor, they fought their way up with sword and spell, though Rollo executed poetic justice on one cultist by dropping him out a window.

By the time they got to the top, Thurl was badly wounded, and two of his fellow knights had fallen before he’d finally slain the air elemental. He still had enough moxy to cast Haste on himself and nearly beat the tar out of the paladin with his greatsword. Tiberius hopped onto the knight’s giant vulture mount, and was promptly flown out over the abyss and thrown… but the aarakocra saved him.

Now the party has the token, as well as a stronghold with a cache of weapons guarded by their new friends!



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